The process of grilling is frequently misunderstood.  A lot of Americans have been conditioned to believe that grilling means putting some meat on a grate over a fire, closing the lid, and waiting a set amount of time for the magic to happen. To the contrary – grilling, by definition, is a form of cookery in which you’re using a radiant heat source, allowing the energy from the coals to directly make their way up to whatever you’re cooking.  The grates are just there to keep your food from falling in the fire. If you think of it that way, you begin to understand the technique of cooking on a grill – it’s about building and maintaining your energy source in a way that allows for the most effective energy transfer possible. The KUDU is the perfect grill to allow you to master proper grilling technique, because folks sometimes aren’t quite sure how to approach the idea of heat – often, charcoal grills yield fires that are entirely too low, and gas grills can get way too hot. Neither of those is ideal. The KUDU showcases proper grilling technique by taking the lid off the process- metaphorically and literally – so you’re able to see exactly what’s taking place and easily manage the heat transfer by raising or lowering the grilling surface.