The KUDU Open Fire Grill is the perfect cooking system to master grilling techniques without being a classically trained chef or pit master. The included elevated cooking bars, stainless steel grill grate and 16 inch cast iron pan allows The KUDU to grill, sear, fry, boil, steam, roast and smoke right out of the box. You can enchance your smoking game with our optional Smoker Lid and African Braai Wood.

Check out these videos for more detailed techniques, tips and recipes:

Smoker Lid Techniques

Heat Management-Tame the Flame

Cooking Low & Slow

Cast Iron Cooking-Tame the Flame

KUDU Pancakes-Tame the Flame

Spatchcock Chicken

Andrew Zimmern Grilled Rack of Lamb on the KUDU

KUDU Grilled Salmon

Dutch Oven & Braai Bread

Smoked Turkey & Sides