KUDU ChiliPacked with flavor, color & texture! This chili recipe is ideal for cold days.
Citrus Herb AsparagusThis recipe features perfect simplicity while highlighting a fresh and traditional dish with a little dash of heat.
Grilled Pineapple & Red Onion SaladCharred grill flavor and red onion add a unique twist to sweet pineapple in this recipe that you will want to add to every grilling night menu.
Mexican Grilled CornThis recipe is a perfect addition to any summer meal thanks to the crisp freshness of the corn and the rich smokey flavors from the cooking process.
Beef Cheek Sloppy JoeA refreshing and modern take on an old classic, this recipe is designed with full flavors and a dash of nostalgia to please the taste buds of everyone at the table.
Hav’s KUDU Breakfast PizzaDesigned specifically for the KUDU, this meat, egg and veggie breakfast pizza is a hearty delight that's ideal for any time of day.