Mike Moore

Originally from Eastern North Carolina, Mike Moore relocated to Asheville, NC from San Francisco in 2005 after spending two years of formidable culinary training in various San Francisco and Bay Area restaurants. Mike cooked and worked as chef in many Asheville and WNC area restaurants from The Market Place Restaurant, Lomo Grill, and Eagles Nest Foundation to The Admiral and eventually Owner/Chef of Seven Sows Bourbon & Larder in the span of a decade.

At the bud of an ever evolving and vibrant food scene in Asheville and Western North Carolina, Mike and his wife Darlene used community initiative to form The Blind Pig Supper Club In 2011. The Blind Pig hosts culinary focused events with a pay it forward business model and cooks with many independent and creative minded chefs as well as volunteers from the community. A portion of proceeds from all events support a selected charitable cause. Each event is held in an undisclosed and unique location and menus for each supper are exclusive and support local farms and local economies with fresh food. In 2014, Mike was nominated for the Rising Star Community Chef Award in the Southeastern United States for the effective culinary philanthropic work of The Blind Pig Supper Club.

As of 2016, The Blind Pig Supper Club has hosted and produced well over one hundred charitable dinner events which help to support the local community and beyond and works very hard to set an example of involving philanthropic work through the craft of cooking as a sustainable model for community. Mike and Darlene currently live in the beautiful Rabbit Ham Valley of Western Buncombe County where they raise both of their children Jack and Grace. Today, The Blind Pig Supper Club has built a reputable network of chefs from around the country and produces remarkable fundraising events, short film documentary collaborations and has expanded to offer exclusive catering services in WNC and beyond.

Owner & Chef

The Blind Pig Supper Club
Asheville, North Carolina