Justin Wolfe

Chef Justin Wolfe (@ChefNWolfe) was born and raised in the small city of London, Ontario, Canada. His education on quality for growing and learning is founded by his family roots which brought his strong appreciation for hard work, food & outdoor life.

Starting at the bottom, Justin bounced around kitchens and quickly worked his way up the ranks, seeking out learning opportunities to train and develop his skill under chefs of all sorts and talents. In 2013, Justin had one of his biggest learning opportunities to date, a chance to apprentice with master chef Graham Elliot in Chicago.

From there. Justin has worked as an event chef alongside Executive Chef Liaison Jamie Simpson at The Culinary Vegetable Institute/Chef’s Garden in Milan, Ohio. He has participated in events with chef de cuisine Eli Kaimeth of Thomas Keller’s renowned Per Se in New York, and worked with Cortney Burns of the celebrated Bar Tartine (featuring some of San Francisco’s most experimental cuisine), and with Gunnar Gislason, the chef/restaurateur behind New Nordic cuisine at DILL in Reykjavík. And then there was a stint with chef and culinary scientist Kyle Connaughton formerly of the Fat Duck and now the groundbreaking Single Thread Farms Restaurant in Healdsburg, California. Every year Justin pitches in with other chefs, including Michael Smith, for Village Feast, a non-profit children’s charity based in Souris, Prince Edward Island, that supports initiatives to improve the lives of children.

Today, he is the proud owner of three restaurants, The Early Bird, Wolfe of Wortley and Los Lobos in London, Ontario which are quickly gaining a name for themselves after being featured on the Food Network and Ami TV series Four Senses. Chef Justin continues to work, travel and cross paths with endless talent and chefs alike.


The Early Bird, Wolfe of Wortley and Los Lobos
London, Ontario