KUDU Grills featured in Bon Appetit

“It’s the only grill I use to make paella, which is tricky because you need to start out really hot and then move to a cooler area,” says Katie Button, chef and owner of Cúrate and Nightbell in Asheville, NC. “You can do that by timing your charcoal, but that’s a lot more finicky. All you do with the Kudu is move the pan up. It’s so simple.”

Most grills you buy—think the classic Weber—have round bottoms, so eventually, as the charcoal cooks, it all falls to the center of the basin. The Kudu has a flat bottom, so you have more hot surface area to work with. “And its legs come off easily and none of its parts are so heavy that you can’t carry it to your car and pop it in the trunk,” Button adds. “Obviously, you can’t do that with your Big Green Egg!”

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