The KUDU Grill Review from Moose on Fire

Moose on Fire recently shared a KUDU grill review with a delicious Roadside Chicken recipe:

“The KUDU delivered the results I was hoping for in a big way, and I’m looking forward to many more delicious meals courtesy of this versatile cooker.

Overall, the KUDU is an extremely versatile grill/cooker that can perform many functions equally well, from direct cooking over high heat, indirect cooking, searing, and even smoking smaller pieces of meat using the smoker lid, which I highly recommend.

There is something very intimate and primal about cooking food over a wood-fueled fire, and with the perfect height of the KUDU, it’s way more convenient and easier on one’s back than cooking over an in-ground fire pit.

Finally, the KUDU is easily transportable – remove the two rods that hold the cooking grates, put the KUDU upside down, remove the legs, and it’s ready to go wherever you want to take it. The KUDU would be an ideal grill for someone who is considering a Santa Maria style grill, but wants  a more compact size and more versatility, and anyone who appreciates the incomparable taste of wood cooked over a live fire.”

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