From Esquire: The Grill That Changed My Life

We’ve all fallen victim to the check-out line impulse buy, that thing we didn’t know we needed until it was staring us in the face: Mounds bar, Us Weekly, mini eyeglass repair kit. As I was leaving the Charleston Wine + Food Festival, I spied chef Kevin Gillespie of Gunshow slinging hash over sizzling coals. He was dishing up thick slices of pork roll, but what stopped me in my tracks was the sharpest-looking grill I’ve ever laid eyes on. Sleek legs, three levels of powder-coated steel, and open fire: Gillespie’s own KUDU Safari Braai. Fifteen minutes later (and $700 dollars lighter), I was loading one into my car.

I won’t lie—a hint of buyer’s remorse hit as I cruised back home along I-95. But then I fired up the grill. Look, I’m no pitmaster, but I’ve read Steven Raichlen’s Barbecue Bible, manned the spit at Lambstock, ladled pozole out of a Cowboy Cauldron, shadowed American Grilled’David Guas, and logged flight time on a pair of Big Green Eggs. But nothing has made me stop, drop and coal like the KUDU.

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