It’s Grill Season, So Why Buy a KUDU?


What if I told you that only in the USA does the term “grilling season” exist?  If I asked a South African when was the best time to grill, the universal response would be “right now!!”  Rain, wind, sleet, hail, who cares, fire the braai up.

In America it is a little different.  As Spring approaches and warmer weather ensues, we Americans dust off the winter cobwebs and want to spend more time outdoors, oftentimes grilling for family and friends. This is also the time tax refunds hit the bank account and there is some spare change around for a new toy. Enter The KUDU.

So why should The KUDU be your next grill purchase?  Well, let me help answer that for you.

New products always require some customer education to fully understand the innovation behind the product.  I mean let’s be honest, at first glance The KUDU looks pretty simple compared to more robust Kamado-style cookers and large stainless gas grills, but ultimately from an engineering perspective it’s 100% intentional.

Don’t be fooled by how simple the KUDU appears because its functionality far exceeds any other residential grill available on the market.

There is no argument that cooking over open fire and charcoal provides better flavor than any other style of cooking.  Unfortunately, open fire cooking systems have always been large industrial pieces of equipment seen at farms and hunting preserves where there is an abundance of space.

Spending time at these venues, I realized my best memories weren’t out in the field hunting but rather around the fire cooking food, having a drink with friends and catching up.

When my wife and I lived in South Africa I experienced a totally different style of open fire cooking that expanded on functionality but was much more practical for everyday use.

The KUDU was born out of my desire to bring that same experience to every backyard, campsite, and tailgate in America regardless of how little space they had to put such a product.

The KUDU is truly the only open fire cooking system made for residential use.  Our simplistic approach allows you to harness open fire cooking to create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.  Having the ability to grill, sear, sauté, smoke, boil, fry, steam along with the unmatched ability to do several of these things simultaneously puts the KUDU in a league of its own.  Add to that the fact that the KUDU is an open fire system and you instantly transform your backyard into a communal space where all of your friends and family will gather to watch the KUDU and be mesmerized by the perfect combination of fire and food.

There is a reason we call the KUDU the “African TV”.  The KUDU single handedly destroys the term “manning the grill”.  

The moment you fire up the KUDU in your backyard you have created ground zero where your fondest memories will take place when you invite people into your home.  I mean, that is what you are trying to achieve when you have guests over, right?  You want to create this awesome environment that no one wants to leave because they are having so much fun. Well if that’s what you want then the KUDU is absolutely what you need.

Could you imagine watching a bunch of friends laughing into the night and dancing in front of a regular grill?   Yea, that would look pretty stupid.  Replace that with a beautiful fire burning in the KUDU and there you have it.  One piece of equipment that cooks more flavorful food, with more control, with more functionality, and that also serves as an open fire centerpiece for the party to continue long after the meal has been served.

At KUDU we have stripped away all the superfluous nonsense that comes with grills these days to enhance functionality, flavor and fun.

If your idea of cooking is to “set it and forget it” or you think the way you build a fire is to press a button then the KUDU isn’t for you.

However, if you love to cook, and entertain, and laugh and share stories with your friends and family then no other product will help you achieve that better than the KUDU Safari Braai.

Stebin Horne
Founder and Innovator behind KUDU Safari Braai


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