KUDU Fires Up Atlanta at the Food For Thought Event

KUDU Safari Braai had the pleasure of joining White Oak Pastures and The Savory Institute and 5 Atlanta Chefs at Ponce City Market for a Fall Farm to Table Event. The purpose of this event was to bring awareness to sustainable farm to table practices. By sourcing products grown humanely and organically communities can create healthy sustainable environments from which to get their produce.

KUDU adds to this mantra by offering a cooking system that uses natural fuels and creates a small foot print on the environment. “Outdoor Grills have gone way too far in their efforts to create grills that take up significant space and limit the cookery that true outdoor cooking systems should embody” says Stebin Horne, Partner in KUDU Safari Braai. “One of the striking things about KUDU is that you can cook multiple dishes at one time and create an incredible for atmosphere for everyone in attendance.”

KUDU Safari Braai is African inspired and American Made. It is important that KUDU contributes to the local economy just as White Oak Pastures and The Savory Institute does and we are honored to be in such good company.

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